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The title comes from the popular fandom shipping name for this pairing. It is inspired from the Dance Dance Revolution game, which Anzu plays while out on a date with Atemu in episode 53 ♪ In that episode, a guy named Johnny is bothering Anzu and wants her to be his girlfriend. Atemu steps in and challenges him to a game of Duel Monsters with a condition: if Atemu wins, Johnny has to leave Anzu alone. Of course Atemu wins because Anzu belongs to him

Version 6 Dueling Hearts was launched on March 25, 2017. The theme is whimsical and dreamy, as if they are on a fairytale date ♥ It features illustrations that were specially drawn for the bunkouban reprint in 2007~ I love this more mature style from Takahashi-sensei ☆


 (Series) Yuugiou Duel Monsters Character: Atemu Character: Kaiba Seto Character: Kawai Shizuka Character: Kisara Relationship: Seto & Shizuka Yuugiou 5D's: Izayoi Aki Yuugiou 5D's: Yusei & Aki

Strawberry Fantasy: a Yuugiou Shrine In the Distance: Atemu & Anzu Shrine


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