Atemu / Yami Yuugi

Atemu is the spirit of the mighty Pharaoh who once ruled Egypt 3,000 years ago. In order to save the world, he sealed evil within the Millenium Puzzle, but he had to seal his own soul too. The puzzle was broken apart and left unsolved for thousands of years, until destiny brought it to Mutou Yuugi. His mysterious spirit now resides within the body of Yuugi, and he often appears in times of danger - especially during games of Duel Monsters.

He is on a mission to collect all seven Millennium Items and the three legendary god cards, which are the keys to his lost memories.

Anzu Mazaki / Téa Gardner

Anzu is a childhood friend of Yuugi and is always there to help her friends. She is an incredibly strong and determined person and often joins Yuugi on his adventures to support him. Her passion is dancing, and she hopes to become a professional dancer in America someday.

She is one of the first people to realize that there are "two" Yuugi's, and she secretly falls in love with Atemu after he saves her life on several occasions. She is devastated after learning of his true identity, realizing that he will be gone forever one day.

Their Relationship

Atemu and Anzu share a close relationship, and they have been on several dates together. He cares about her and confides his thoughts and feelings about his future with her. She wants to help him find his true name and memories, but she knows that doing so will shorten his time here. Nonetheless, she puts on a brave smile and goes along on the dangerous journey to support him.